Okpik = Cold Camping

A couple weeks ago our troop sent six of us to the Okpik Winter Survival Program at Tahosa, near Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  The program is excellent and provides the basics for how to camp/survive in a very cold environment.

Now, I’ve been in the mountains for 30+ years. I’ve been cold before. This, however, was one of the coldest weekends I have ever spent. This had nothing to do with the program, it had everything to do with the wind. 15degrees, sustained 15-20 mph wind with gusts that blew down trees….the whole time we were there. Brrrr.



The fun part of the trip though was building our quinzee, which is basically an igloo. We camped out in these, two men per quinzee. Not too bad.

All in all a great experience.