Pine Creek Loop, Collegiate Peaks Wilderness – (Trip #CO-017)



Sasquatch or Big Foot resides in the Colorado mountains…according to Animal Planet! Based on our thorough and scientific analysis, this is the area of a lot of sightings! In fact, my buddy Richie asked if I knew where to find Big Foot…he wants to go Squatch’n!

In addition, this excellent loop trip through the eastern edge of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, has you passing by Littlejohns Cabin. The trailhead is about 10 miles northwest of Buena Vista, CO. Totaling a short 14.9 miles, the real difficulty is the altitude in that you’ll cross 13,000′ in route to the cabins.

The Frenchman Creek Trailhead is approximately 10 miles northwest of Buena Vista, Colorado in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Without a 4WD vehicle, you’ll add a couple extra miles to your trip as the final couple miles are a tough dirt road.  Trailhead elevation is approximately 9,400′ and high camp on day 1 is around 10,400′. Total loop distance is approximately 14.9 miles in 3 days of hiking (6.34/2.23/6.7).

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and save the .gpx File.

Here’s some Colorado Sasquatch Video for your enjoyment!