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Pine Creek Loop, Collegiate Peaks Wilderness – (Trip #CO-017)



Sasquatch or Big Foot resides in the Colorado mountains…according to Animal Planet! Based on our thorough and scientific analysis, this is the area of a lot of sightings! In fact, my buddy Richie asked if I knew where to find Big Foot…he wants to go Squatch’n!

In addition, this excellent loop trip through the eastern edge of the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, has you passing by Littlejohns Cabin. The trailhead is about 10 miles northwest of Buena Vista, CO. Totaling a short 14.9 miles, the real difficulty is the altitude in that you’ll cross 13,000′ in route to the cabins.

The Frenchman Creek Trailhead is approximately 10 miles northwest of Buena Vista, Colorado in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. Without a 4WD vehicle, you’ll add a couple extra miles to your trip as the final couple miles are a tough dirt road.  Trailhead elevation is approximately 9,400′ and high camp on day 1 is around 10,400′. Total loop distance is approximately 14.9 miles in 3 days of hiking (6.34/2.23/6.7).

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and save the .gpx File.

Here’s some Colorado Sasquatch Video for your enjoyment!

Lone Eagle Peak, Indian Peak Wilderness (Trip #CO-013)

If standing before pointy grey granite spire-like peaks blows your hair back, than this is the trip for you. Photos of this beauty are all over the internet…just look here! This trip is a backpacking out and back to the base of Lone Eagle Peak, one of Colorado’s most striking mountains. The Indian Peaks wilderness shares a border with Rocky Mountain National Park and has the mountains to prove it.

This is an excellent backpacking out and back  trip through the western Indian Peaks Wilderness, about 10 miles northeast of Granby, Colorado (fairly near Denver). Totaling 14.0 miles, the only difficulty may be encountered on the climb out of the trailhead  to Crater Lake. Also, given that the trail is near Denver, significant numbers of people may be on the trails.

The Monarch Lake Trailhead is approximately 10 miles northeast of Granby, Colorado in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Trailhead elevation is approximately 8,400′ and high camp on day 2 at Upper Cataract Lake is around 10,375′. Total distance is approximately 14.0 miles in 2+ days of hiking (3/4/7). If you’re feeling burly, you can make it to Crater Lake in one day and have extra time for exploring. Fishing in the alpine lakes in this loop has been known to be fairly good.

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and save the .gpx File.

Grays & Torreys 14ers, Clear Creek and Summit County, CO – (Trip #CO-003)

Grays Peak Trail

Trail to Grays Peak

Great first time fourteener trip (climbs over 14,000′) into the high alpine environment on the continental divide, approximately 8 miles southwest of Georgetown, CO. Trailhead is just south of Bakerville exit (221) on I70. It is important to note that the road to trailhead is “challenging” in that it is deeply washed out and 4WD, high clearance vehicles are best. Elevation is approximately 11,270′ at camp/trailhead and summits are 14,270′. Round trip distance is approximately 8 miles and route finding is straightforward…just follow the conga-line of people! Camp in the trailhead parking lot the night before for an early start. The high alpine environment is very unique and there are loads of nearly tame (but they are not) mountain goats along the trail. Updated conditions reports can be found on the 14er.com web page.

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. The .gpx File is coming soon.