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The Grand Loop, Rocky Mountain National Park – (Trip# CO-015)

Long Peak

Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak

This trip will blow your mind. A long loop backpacking trip that circumnavigates the interior of Rocky Mountain National Park (images). It includes off-trail travel, some class-3 climbing up the back of Longs Peak and a chance for a very unique and remote trip in with a very popular National Park. This is a high adventure, difficult trip for strong backpackers.

You will need to get your backcountry camping permit from the Rocky Mountain National Park Backcountry Office. The permit application is found of page 7 of the national park’s brochure. You’ll need the following campsites in this order: (92) Renegade, (84) South Meadow, (68) Lake Verna, (48) Hunters Creek, (38) Boulder Brook. As with all national parks, they limit the group size to 6. You may have to get creative if sites are unavailable or your group is larger.

Starting from Bear Lake Trailhead you head up and over Flattop Mountain to Renegade Campsite.The trip totals 43.4 miles during which you’ll circumnavigate the park in a counterclockwise fashion. A short stretch along the road at the north side of Grand Lake will quickly put you back in the woods. You can also resupply here if you need to. Take note of the off-trail sections on the topo maps that are denoted by the dashed lines.

Download the Itinerary and or open a full size Topo Map or the 4 Sections Map. Right click and download the .gpx File for waypoints and tracks of this trip. BANG!!!

Snowshoe Trek, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO – (Trip #CO-009)

The incredible scenery and relatively low avalanche exposure make this is an excellent first time snowshoeing trip. No doubt you will understand why Rocky Mountain National Park was made a national park.

This trip has you camping in Moraine Park (car camp/ Reservations HERE) then head out onto the trail to Emerald Lake from Bear Lake Trailhead.  You will cross three frozen lakes (are the fish shivering?) in a high alpine environment. Round trip distance is a delightful 3 miles and route finding is typically straightforward as this is a popular route. Camp in Moraine Park for a second bag night.

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and download the .gpx File for waypoints and tracks of this trip.