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Flat Tops Wilderness 50-Miler Loop, Flattops Wilderness, CO – (Trip #CO-010)

Flat Tops wilderness backpacking loop

guidetrails.com – Shingle Peak, Flattops Wilderness

One of the most coveted scouting awards is the 50-Miler. This trip was built to meet this challenge as a backpacking loop trip in the Flattops Wilderness of Colorado. High, wild and remote, this volcanic region provides untamed wilderness where Teddy Roosevelt once tramped.

Starting from Stillwater Trailhead (at Stillwater Reservoir) southwest of Yampa, CO, you’ll average just over 10 miles a day to complete a large loop in the northeastern side of the Flat Tops in a counterclockwise fashion. A significant portion of the trip is walked along the eroded and extinct volcano that gives the area its name. Additionally, this trip offers excellent fishing as well as climbs up the Devil’s Causeway (scary narrow ridgeline, be safe) and along the Chinese Wall (huge rock escarpment).

Download the Itinerary and or open a 3 Page Topo Map. The Trails Illustrated Topo Map is useful for this trip. Right click and download the .gpx File for waypoints and tracks of this trip. BANG!!!

awards backpacking trip

50-Miler BSA Award

Conejos River Loop, South San Juan Wilderness, CO – (Trip #CO-018)

Conejos Falls

South San Juan Wilderness Loop Hike

The last confirmed grizzly bear sighting in Colorado was in the South San Juan Wilderness in 1979. Reports are that grizzlies might remain in the area, just no confirmed sightings.  The bear history and the incredible Conejos Falls is the draw for this extremely remote trip.

The loop trail is 50+ miles southwest of Alamosa, CO and takes you to the headwaters of the Conejos River. Totaling a short 14 miles, the real difficulty is the altitude in that you’ll cross Continental Divide (via the Continental Divide Trail.

Trailhead is along FR 247 past Platoro Reservoir in the South San Juan Wilderness. Trailhead elevation is approximately 10,200′ with a highest altitude around 12,200′. Total loop distance is approximately 14.0 miles in 3 days of hiking (4/6/4).

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and save the .gpx File.

Rich Creek / Rough and Tumbling Creek Loop, Buffalo Peaks Wilderness – (Trip # CO-016)

guidetrails.com - Cutthroat

guidetrails.com – Cutthroat

Backpacking and fishing perfectly matched on this excellent loop trip through the eastern edge of the Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, about 15 miles north of Fairplay, Colorado. Totaling a short 11.4 miles, the only difficulty may be encountered on the climb up on the first day to the upper reaches of Rich Creek. Fishing is reported as excellent on these creeks.

The Rich Creek-Tumble Creek Trailhead is approximately 15 miles southwest of Fairplay, Colorado in the Buffalo Creek Wilderness. Trailhead elevation is approximately 10,000′ and high camp on day 2 at Rough and Tumble Creek is around 11,200′. Total loop distance is approximately 11.4 miles in 2+ days of hiking (3.3.5/3.46/4.61).

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and save the .gpx File.