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Snowshoe Trek, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO – (Trip #CO-009)

The incredible scenery and relatively low avalanche exposure make this is an excellent first time snowshoeing trip. No doubt you will understand why Rocky Mountain National Park was made a national park.

This trip has you camping in Moraine Park (car camp/ Reservations HERE) then head out onto the trail to Emerald Lake from Bear Lake Trailhead.  You will cross three frozen lakes (are the fish shivering?) in a high alpine environment. Round trip distance is a delightful 3 miles and route finding is typically straightforward as this is a popular route. Camp in Moraine Park for a second bag night.

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and download the .gpx File for waypoints and tracks of this trip.

Huge Sand Box Trip – Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO – (Trip #CO-006)

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guidetrails.com – Great Sand Dunes Backpacking

A very unique and amazing trip into the the giant pile of sand that is the central attraction of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Park HQ is 25 miles north of Blanca, CO or 23 miles east of Mosca, CO, kind of near Alamosa, Colorado. Trailhead is the main parking lot north of the HQ.  Basically you climb about a mile up and over the first ridge of sand and camp anywhere. Mind you there is no water in the dunes and the sand becomes intolerably hot during the day (hint: don’t be there when it gets hot!) Elevation is approximately 9,000′ at camp. Round trip distance is only a couple miles and routefinding is straightforward; you just walk out onto the sand.

Download the Itinerary and or open a Topo Map. Right click and ‘save as” this .gpx File for the cars.